Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TREND ALERT: The bright coloured clutch!

A simplistic or already funky ensemble often needs that extra ‘pop’ of colour by way of an interesting accessory – here’s where the bright clutch comes in handy! If you feel that your outfit is lacking an element of character or if you’re wanting to colour-block without going OTT, then what you need is a bright clutch! Simple but effective, the bright clutch is every girls best friend. The pictured celebrities below show how easy the bright clutch trend is to do!

The bright clutch is great because it adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit without requiring major work to your wardrobe (or a disservice to your bank account).

High fashion watch: Marchesa’s Tutus & Tulle

There’s something about Tulle and Tutu’s that have a jaw-dropping effect on most women. Ensembles which combine gothic tones and Black Swan-type themes are more famously associated with the exceptional collections of Marchesa. Featuring intricate hand-executed techniques, Marchesa's gowns are a source of great admiration for fashion lovers across the world – the embroidery, lace, tulle, draping and velvet – it’s easy to see why we’re all so in love. Hop on board and join us as we admire (and swoon) over some of our favourite Marchesa ensembles (its okay to dream sometimes, ladies)… [Images from Marchesa Spring 2011 collection]
All things fabulous and attention-grabbing, Marchesa's beautifully crafted tulle numbers have been work by the likes of A-listers Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez, Fergie and Rachel McAdams to name a few.

Loving the tulle vibe? Check out these styles below that take a more understated approach to the tulle trend and are much more wearable: 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mermaids DO exist - say hello to the mermaid silhouette!

As a little girl, you probably held the red-haired Aerial in high esteem, and why not – her beautiful mermaid silhouette and long, flowy hair. Whilst the mermaid silhouette is typically characterised by a seam at the knee, it is often recreated in a softer way through a fitted design up top and flared-from-the-knee shape below. Given the dramatic nature of a seam at the knee, it’s understandable why many designers and celebs opt for the softer option. Afterall, design-heavy gowns are at a greater risk of looking dated faster.  The runways of 2011 have been splattered with mermaid silhouette gowns:

This season, celebrities have stayed on trend by jumping on board (although if mermaids really did exist, they would be jumping off board!). The mermaid silhouette can either be produced through the mere design/shape of a gown, or through design/shape as well as an opposing fabric below.
Who could forget Pippa Middleton’s famous bottom?! It was most definitely accentuated by the clever inclusion of a mermaid silhouette. Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian also wow in more subtle mermaid silhouettes. 

Other celebs have embraced this trend by way of more  intricate designs which are design-heavy below. These heavier designs are absolutely stunning (perhaps due to the beautiful embellishments up top as well), but in a few years time we may not feel the same. Pictured below are recent looks from celebs who have taken the design-heavy approach to the mermaid silhouette (Penelope Cruz, Khloe Kardashian, Nicole Richie). 

If you’re loving this trend, then you’re in luck – GOSH! has a selection of stunning full length gowns which have recreated the mermaid silhouette in a timeless manner.

And remember, ladies – for ample mermaidness in photos, knee out and one leg behind the other!